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Kurtis R. Andrews is an Eastern Ontario based lawyer who serves the legal needs of farmers and rural residents from across Ontario. Kurtis is also a regular legal columnist for the Ontario Farmer.

Coming from a farm, with work in the trades and three degrees, Kurtis brings firsthand agriculture experience to his practice, which includes:

  • rural issue, agriculture, animal welfare and constitutional law;
  • defence work involving laws enforced by federal, provincial and municipal bodies, such as the OSPCA, MOE, MNR, Environment Canada, CFIA and by-law officials;
  • civil litigation, including claims for negligence, defamation, trespass, and Charter violations;
  • issues related to animal-rights activist activities;
  • representation at various provincial and federal board /tribunal hearings;
  • Statutory analysis /counsel re: laws and proposed laws /bills that affect or may affect agriculture; and
  • intellectual property law, including seed-patent and plant breeders rights infringement defence work.

As of March 1, 2019, Kurtis was appointed Vice-chair of Ontario’s Normal Farm Practices Protection Board. As a result, Kurtis cannot represent parties as it relates to that board or the Agriculture, Food & Rural Affairs Appeal Tribunal.