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Animal-rights activists are attacking our right to choose what we eat

On March 19, 2019, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

Just over a month ago, I wrote an article about how farmers should stop inviting the public into their livestock barns, especially as a response to animal-rights activists’ demands to see how farming is done. I stated that these activists will never be satisfied, and will only use the information…

When do farmers stop asking for approval, when they are doing nothing wrong?

On February 25, 2019, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

Last week (Feb. 1, 2019), TVO’s The Agenda with Steve Paikin aired a show about Ontario’s animal welfare standards for livestock, featuring Bonnie Den Haan, a dairy farmer, and Camille Labchuk, a lawyer and Director of Animal Justice Canada (an animal rights advocacy group). While Ms. Den Haan did an…