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DFO will slit its own throat with its draft “Animal Abuse Policies”

On October 13, 2018, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

Dairy Farmers of Ontario [DFO] has produced its draft “Animal Abuse Policies” in response to the Dairy Processors Association of Canada [DPAC] policy statement, which followed a similar policy statement created by Saputo Inc. in the wake of the Chilliwack dairy farm case. In a nutshell, DPAC wants provincial milk-marketing…

Can you pass on farm property to your kids without losing it if they get divorced?

On October 1, 2018, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

No parent wants to think about the possibility that their child’s marriage might fail. However, it may be necessary to think about it to avoid having much of the family’s farm legacy lost in a messy divorce. A pre-nuptial agreement may be the first thing that comes to mind to…

Supply Management is a Critical Component to a Robust Animal Welfare Regime

On August 27, 2018, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

Protection of Canada’s supply management system has been the subject of great debate throughout recent NAFTA talks. The merits of the system have been argued by the various Canadian livestock sectors and government in an effort to defend and hopefully protect the system. One beneficial element of the system that…